Business Acceleration for Life Sciences Tech Companies

Business Acceleration for Life Sciences Tech Companies - Accolade Europe

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Accolade Europe and KAYBE are bringing together over two decades of Life Sciences expertise, contacts and industry understanding to help life sciences tech companies to grow.

February 16th, 2022, LONDON Accolade Europe and KAYBE have come together to bring a unified offering to Life Sciences tech companies. They are offering the innovative developers within Life Sciences tech companies, as well as the thought leaders of tomorrow the ability to turn their vision into a reality, by getting their product seen, purchased and driving real advancements in the pharmaceutical industry. This partnership brings together experienced consulting, expert strategy, digital exposure and business development skills to help Life Sciences Tech companies to enter new markets as well as to better penetrate existing ones.

IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are all buzzwords of today’s ever-evolving tech landscape. But the approach and application, specifically in a clinical setting, goes beyond being a buzzword, into  the promise of revolutionising therapy, discovery and development.

– Nikki Pattison, Accolade Europe

Technology offers the ability for real innovation; innovation that helps tackle disease, expedite drug development and accelerate research findings. Even when you work your way up the supply chain, innovative IoT devices and data management applications can help save costs and help in managing regulatory requirements, and real-time storage conditions of drug products.

As an ecosystem of ‘tech for good’ continues to rapidly develop, no exceptions are made for Life Sciences. Tech within Life Sciences has continued to evolve, the more data that circulates, the more we fuel application driven applied learning and intelligence.

But with all this great work going on, often by small tech companies or even sometimes start-up businesses, the ability to connect the dots and bring together the right tech into the hands of buyers within the pharmaceutical supply chain fails to gather pace.

Media Information

Accolade Europe: A specialist team, working in Life Sciences, with a wealth of experience, contact and market understanding.

Founded by ex Scientist, Nikki Pattison, her Life Sciences experience spans over 25 years, both in Bio Informatics and Regulated areas such as Trials, Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance. Nikki brings a wealth of experience, contacts and market understanding to tech companies, helping them to promote their offerings to the sector.

KAYBE: A results driven, full stack marketing team, with data at the heart of our campaigns.

Led by Kris Britton, who has more than 10 years’ experience in digital marketing, his expertise in brand, marketing, technology and data enable him to unlock exponential business growth and deliver industry-leading brand experiences.

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