We help technology companies bring high value business critical solutions to market or to new markets.

Market Development - Accolade Europe
Market Development - Accolade Europe
Market Development - Accolade Europe

The Accolade team draws on decades of experience in B2B technology sales and marketing and consulting, at companies including Xerox, Phillips, Microsoft, IBM, PWC, Unilever and Barclays.

Since Accolade’s inception 20 years ago, we have generated millions of dollars in additional revenue for brands, including IBM, Dell/EMC, Fujitsu, NYS (now Capita), ESRI, Microsoft, and many innovative niche software application vendors.

Whether you are an established tech titan or an eager start-up keen to break new ground, we understand how best to bring your complex solutions to new audiences.  We can help you right from the start – developing your product offerings and value propositions, comprehensively researching target markets and testing value propositions, developing a market development Plan and then helping you to execute it.  Our team has a track record of engaging at CxO level to reach the right decisionmakers.

Currently, we are working at the forefront of the industry’s most exciting new innovations, such as Artificial Intelligence, including Machine and Deep Learning.

You can rely on Accolade to support your market development activities and to help you to build a strong sales pipeline, with the most experienced and talented consultants, whatever your size or specialism.

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