Life Sciences

We provide end-to-end sales and marketing support for Life Sciences companies and companies providing tech to the sector.

Life Sciences Showcase at Accolade Europe
Life Sciences Showcase at Accolade Europe
Life Sciences Showcase at Accolade Europe

Life Sciences organisations are looking for new ways to create value and really make sense of the growing amount of data available

IoT, Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning approaches are revolutionising therapy, discovery and development and allowing for better and more cost effective innovation.

That’s where Accolade helps. We can research new exciting target markets, shape your product offerings, develop value propositions, and execute a marketing plan.

Whether you work in – or sell to – Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Contract Research Organisations, Animal Health, Medical Devices or Agrochemicals, the Accolade Life Sciences team has the expertise, contacts and industry understanding to help you thrive. Our handpicked team of consultants boast a wealth of experience from working at organisations such as Xerox, Philips, Documentum, EMC and PWC delivering consulting and technology solutions for large global pharmaceuticals such as GSK, Pfizer and Astra Zeneca as well as small Biotechs and CROs.

Accolade particularly understands the R&D value chain, and the enormous impact of new innovations, such as IoT, AI and Machine Learning. These areas have significant implications for the industry and we are here to ensure that you understand and maximize your sales opportunities in these spaces.

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Accolade are looking for more Life Sciences software clients!

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