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New ways of working such as remote and hybrid arrangements, increasing regulatory demands for managing information, and new technologies such as Machine Learning, Cloud and Smart Phones are fuelling high growth in this marketplace.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) systems have been used in digital transformation to manage document-intensive business processes, to enforce the rules of business and to streamline operational processes for decades. More recently, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is adding value by further optimizing processes, completing BPM activities and thereby freeing up staff time from error-prone, repetitive and mundane tasks.

ECM and BPM systems are becoming more sophisticated as AI and Cloud technologies are developing. These developments include No-code / Low-code technologies, pre-trained Machine Learning templates, Object Recognition to automatically tag images with metadata, intelligent search and more integration with smart phones. 

New ways of working such as remote and hybrid are making new demands, driving the need for better knowledge management as workers are not physically connected with colleagues, smart collaboration better Records Management, and automated process management to allow more easy integration with internal business processes through Cloud federation.

With the ECM market value predicted to grow to some USD$30Bn by 2030, and the BPM market to some USD$61Bn there is a very large opportunity for organisations providing these highly in-demand solutions.

Our team has sold and marketed ECM and BPM solutions for over 25 years  working at organisations including Documentum, Xerox and IBM FileNET. Additionally, Accolade has worked with many more organisations, helping them to promote these technologies during our 20 years of trading. We have an industry-leading understanding of how these solutions improve business performance which we will leverage to help you to understand and maximize your sales opportunities.

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