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Geographical Information Systems - GIS
Geographical Information Systems - GIS
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The growth and availability of geo-spatial information, and new and increasing location-based challenges is driving demand for GIS applications.

Increasing volumes of spatial data, such as LiDAR from Drones, sensors and mobile devices, the use of Digital Twins, BIM, Autonomous vehicles, ESG demands, Cloud technology, IoT, Augmented Reality and Machine Learning are expanding the use cases of location-based intelligence across a wide range of industry sectors. 

Within GIS, the use of mapping technologies, in particular, has been growing rapidly for applications such as asset management, engineering & smart city and urban planning development, defence, retail, disaster management, transportation, agriculture, and managing the environment. One of the key drivers for the growth of the mapping segment is the increasing demand for location-based services. Location-based services rely on a combination of accurate and detailed maps and geographical data.

With the GIS market value predicted to grow to some USD$25Bn by 2030, there is a large opportunity for organisations providing solutions.

With over a decade of experience of working with the global GIS market leader and partners, Accolade can help you. Using our deep knowledge of how GIS based solutions add value in a wide variety of business scenarios, we can research new exciting GIS target markets, develop and test value propositions, and execute successful marketing Campaigns.

Examples from our Client Technology Showcase:

ESRI Inc. is the global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence and mapping. GIS solutions are used within …

LANDCLAN are a hot software start-up with ground breaking technology for the Housing and Property sector. Sitting on top of ESRI ArcGIS, …

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