Exit planning is an integral part of a profitable, in depth business strategy. But most business homeowners are so chaotic growing their business that the very last matter they halt to consider is their Exit Strategy. If you actually want to make your organization to be all that it can be and far more, you want to set up appropriate up front what you happen to be likely for and what it implies to you when you get there.

To be very clear, efficient exit planning focuses on, “When is the most effective time to depart this business?” not “When is it time for you to get out of the business or retire?” Getting a strategy won’t necessarily mean that you have to be old and fatigued to act on it. In point, the most effective time to exit could be when you are at the top rated of your sport!

In escalating get of desirability, there are 6 methods to exit a business:

  1. Bankruptcy
  2. Liquidation
  3. Market a task
  4. Market to a family member
  5. Market to a fiscal purchaser
  6. Market to a synergistic purchaser

A seventh way-IPO-is a glamorous idea, but it really is not typically practical for most privately-owned enterprises.

Only put, an Exit Program makes it possible for you to promote your business at the maximum acceptable selling price and, equally important, really receive that invest in selling price. Entrepreneurs ordinarily you should not make Exit Planning a precedence because they you should not comprehend how essential it is to have a strategy effectively just before they’d ever want it. They consider that exiting is a little something that could materialize in the long run creating money is a little something that ought to materialize nowadays. Of course, creating money nowadays is important. But a effectively-crafted exit strategy will really make money for you long just before you execute it.

You know how difficult it is to deal with the urgencies and emergencies that are in front of you appropriate now, appropriate? You you should not want to spend precious time on a little something which is way off in the long run, lumped in there with retirement planning in the land of “sometime.”

Investing time and strength in crafting your Exit Program isn’t likely to help you save the working day immediately, appropriate?

Completely wrong. A thoroughly crafted Exit Program can give tangible benefits now, and an even greater payoff later.


  • Much more income
  • Much more income
  • Much more time
  • Much more enjoyable
  • Significantly less danger
  • Significantly less tension
  • Much more clarity and self-assurance


  • Double the price of your business
  • Get that price in income
  • Be ready to just take benefit of sudden options
  • Appreciate your freedom
  • Do it once again – if you want to

The impression of getting an exit strategy hinges on the Power of Intention.

  1. When you keep an consciousness of the greater picture, even while you are working with every day problems, you obviously elevate your stage of strength, enthusiasm and intentionality.
  2. Spurred by your intentions, you obviously include the correct constructions, techniques, and programs into your business to most effective attain your exit targets.
  3. As a consequence, a cascade of interrelated gatherings and resources will come with each other to make your eyesight of the long run a reality.

Building price into your business is what an exit tactic is all about. You can hold out right up until later to make price, but cannot recoup tomorrow the price that you unsuccessful to make nowadays. An Exit Program aids you to make steadiness, expandability, and scalability in to the operational design of the business as you:

  • Develop tangible price in to your business while providing superb price to your clients.
  • Develop the composition that aids you to comprehend the ideal opportunity and value of the business.
  • Develop programs that will permit you to target on what you enjoy and do most effective and on where you can make the best impression.

Motion Program: If you intend to make highest price into your business just about every stage of the way-relatively than various a long time (or worse, various months) just before you want to exit- here’s what to do:

1. Program 1 hour a thirty day period to acquiring your Exit Strategy in your calendar and honor it.

two. Throughout your initially hour of exit planning, produce down all the good reasons why you want to stay clear of working with exit planning.

That is it!

By George C. Huang, M.D.