Let’s dive straight into this week’s content. The quicker you know what to do, the quicker you can choose action – and the more rapidly you are going to get your benefits

Outcome-booster #one – do what you know

This quotation from Chris Argyris claims it all:

“The dilemma is not that we never know what to do.

The dilemma is that we never do what we know.”

Not doing that detail you KNOW you ought to do keeps you from obtaining benefits. It blocks the movement completely.

Is there a little something YOU know you should really do?

Take a deep breath, and DO it. It will give you tons of vitality, and will convey your desired benefits much nearer to you.

Outcome-booster #two – use your resistance

Most people today never like to really feel resistance. It feels unpleasant, and we are inclined to overlook or suppress what we never like to really feel.


What you resist, persists.

And resistance is Often an significant indicator. If you do the job with it in its place of in opposition to it, it can be an really valuable resource.

Resistance can tell you for instance:

  • What you will need to learn or do in a particular condition
  • What no for a longer time serves you that you will need to enable go of
  • It can be a warning indicator not to believe in a person
  • It can be the entrance to a (big) inner shift that can outcome in a big leap ahead
  • That it is really time to modify a little something (and what it is that requirements to be adjusted).

Pay attention to what your resistance is telling you. And act on the data it provides you.

Outcome-booster #three – comply with your guidance

Use your intuition to exhibit you your upcoming greatest step.

You can do that by inquiring thoughts like these:

  • What is the most significant detail for me to aim on now?
  • What is the upcoming step I can choose to achieve this goal?
  • What can I do now to make improvements to my benefits rapid?

Fork out notice to the initially detail(s) that will come up. That’s usually the greatest detail to do.

This week’s transformational action:

Take some time to discover:

  • If there is a little something you might be not doing correct now, that you know you truly Ought to be doing, and
  • If there is a little something you are resisting.

As a substitute of ignoring or numbing it, try to get to the bottom of it.

Why aren’t you doing it? What are you resisting specifically?

Inquire your intuition to assistance you find the solutions you request, and act on the data you get.

This will raise your benefits and get you back again into movement each individual time!

By Brigitte Van Tuijl