London, UK – 21 October 2016

Accolade Business Services is excited to announce the launch of its new Digital Division – AccoladeDigital. 

Accolade Business Services announced the launch of AccoladeDigital, to provide Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) with low cost, mobile compatible, high quality web design & build. AccoladeDigital web design will help SME’s to achieve a dominant new online presence.

Nicola Pattison, Director at Accolade said “The new Digital division responds to a need that we recognised that many SMEs have great businesses but websites that don’t do them justice. They lack the time and large budgets to spend working with Agencies to redesign and rebuild old sites. However, a website is a vital piece of a business’s marketing efforts. Increasingly, a website is the only way that a business first interacts with a potential customer, and there are only seconds to catch their interest.   We have developed a smart methodology which allows busy SME owners to cheaply, and with almost no effort on their part, transform a tired old static website into a modern, mobile ready, stunning site that really promotes their business, using the best web building tools.”

AccoladeDigital websites are built using WordPress – a modern system that can grow with a business as facilities such as blogging, news feeds and e-commerce might be added. These sites are more easily picked up by search engines, and Accolade can set up analytics so that business owners can monitor their website visitors on a daily basis!

About Accolade Business Services
Accolade Business Services, headed by Nicola Pattison, was formed in 2002. The London-based company is a specialist Market Development service for B2B technology companies. Accolade helps clients to bring high-value, complex software solutions to new markets. Clients include Microsoft, IBM, EMC, Sopra Banking Software, Fujitsu, ESRI and Synapps Solutions. Our new division will bring some of the marketing expertise of Blue Chip organisations at a low cost to SMEs.