We feel that there is a excellent storm brewing that will cause place-primarily based expert services to consider off in a large way in 2009 and 2010. It has now taken off in the moveable navigation device (PND), but now it will happen on your mobile smartphone.

What are place-primarily based expert services? The best recognized instance would be your Garmin or TomTom driving navigation. But that is a quite fundamental instance. LBS can involve things like Buddy Beacon in which you can track in which your close friends are, locating anyone for emergency 911 reaction, finding what are the best places to eat in close proximity to you, and so forth.

Here are some new occasions brewing up the large storm:

  • Experienced PND Marketplace. The moveable navigation device (PND) market place is mature. In 2008, 50 million units were being transported.
  • PND Makers Want New Earnings Streams. Due to the fact the PND market place is mature, consolidations are going on, and margins are now razor-thin. PND makers are proactively seeking to apply their technologies to maximize their profits stream from other sources. The Garmin nuviFone is a prime instance.
  • Buyers Fully grasp LBS. Spot-primarily based expert services are getting client acceptance in the market place, with expert services like the VZNavigator and a slew of place-primarily based apps on the Apple iphone.
  • Spot Technological know-how Improvement. While common GPS chips require a long first time-to-lock on the posture, Assisted GPS (A-GPS) utilizes cell towers for triangulation to shorten lock times. This translates to a much superior consumer expertise.
  • GPS Chips are Inexpensive. The mature PND market place has pushed GPS chips down. Today, a GPS chip can be added to a smartphone for considerably less than $1 USD. Pretty much quite smartphone transported in 2009 will have created-in GPS or A-GPS.
  • Astounding Smartphone Progress. Mobile telephones are receiving far more advanced and can now accessibility the world wide web with quite realistic consumer expertise. Even though the total mobile cell phone market place grew only by 11% in 2007, the smartphone segment grew by about 50%. It’s the new frontier for every single important business to compete for promoting pounds as there will be far more smartphones in use than PCs and laptops combined.

So what does this all imply? It means we will see an acceleration of innovation on the two components and application about the subsequent couple of yrs. The Apple iphone and Android-primarily based handsets are top the charge to make place-primarily based applications and expert services mainstream. Customers will also get progressively made use of to them as new improvements tackle the problems of privateness and place management. To examine far more about place-primarily based expert services and other mobile computing subjects, pay a visit to us at http://www.skratchboard.com.

Are you place-aware nevertheless?

By James K Lau