Revolutionary Application of AGILE in a Non-Application Environment


Puneet Mathur PMP

Thesis Assertion

Positive aspects of Agile program development methodology can be reaped by adapting and applying the metholology in non-program development environment projects.

We start with looking what Agile means. Dictionary that means of Agile as for each Oxford dictionary on the internet[one] is : “able to transfer speedily and very easily”

Agile Application Growth Methodology is a excitement word these times. We listen to it in each other job need as effectively as different content penned on the topic.

Ordinarily Application development was carried out applying Waterfall, Spiral, Iterative, CMMI methodologies.

Definitions and Terminologies

Prior to we progress some common terminologies this paper will use :

Methodology[2] – A person distinct assortment of ideas and/or methods.

Framework [2] –    a skeleton (for solutions) that ought to be custom made/augmented prior to use.

Agile program development – As defined in the On line Wikipedia “is a group of software development methodologies based on iterative and incremental development, exactly where demands and answers evolve by collaboration among self-organizing, cross-purposeful teams”[3].

 The earlier mentioned definition of of Agile gives the essential components like Iterative program development and the reality that demands and answers evolve by collaboration among cross-purposeful group and shopper. The cross-purposeful group has a massive purpose to participate in in Agile as it is meant to be self-organizing absent from the conventional teams which are directed and advised to do do the job.

 Utilization of Agile in program environment

 1     What is OpenAgile ?

Definitions and Terminologies

We now choose a appear at what OpenAgile is about. The OpenAgile Institute’s definition is “To generate an environment in which people today are no cost to categorical their genuine nature and capacities to lead to the betterment of their business[four].It acknowledges Truthfulness as the basis for development and accomplishment”four.

The OpenAgile methodology is significantly applicable to non-program environment. Through the scenario review mentioned in this paper we would be looking at an innovative application of Agile and OpenAgile in a non-program development venture environment.

The Agile Manifesto

 As for each he heritage of Agile methodology ([5], it was born in early aspect of yr 2001 out of a conference of seventeen professionals from the business. Rising out of that conference was the Agile Manifesto5 and naming of the group as the Agile Alliance. The Agile Alliance values :

  • Folks and interactions more than processes and resources
  • Functioning program more than thorough documentation
  • Consumer collaboration more than deal negotiation
  • Responding to alter more than subsequent a system

Agile as we can see is a light-weight program development methodology which plainly is targeted on Folks, Functioning program, Consumer involvement and versatility. If we retain these 4 values in head we can use Agile in non-program development environment also.

How Application Environment is different from Non-program development Environment

Application environment projects are very different from Non-program environment projects. Application Jobs have quite a few characteristic features which normally are not found in other types of projects (Bullock J (one))[six]. We outline beneath the essential things that make the change very apparent :

Differentiation Components





Character of Get the job done Artifacts

Not Actual physical

Actual physical

Stop State clarity on Closing Consequence



Variability in Generation



Technical Complexity

Incredibly superior

Substantial to Lower

Incremental Generation


Not Suited

Adaptability of Instruments and Approaches in Generation

Incredibly Substantial


Table 2 Discrepancies among Application and Non-program environment

 In the Table 2 we have shown the things which make the Application and Non-program environment different and one of a kind. Since we are talking about application of Agile in Non-program development environment we will explore from that standpoint. The great aspect is the nature of do the job merchandise and artifacts are bodily accessible and inspectable for good quality in non-program environment. The Stop state output or deliverables or the result is very plainly recognized in he scenario of Non-program development projects these types of as Building building we have the blueprint of the building internet site all set prior to the do the job on the venture starts. The Non-program development environment projects are not technically sophisticated barring superior business projects like Rocket science, Airplanes, Ship developing, Electric power plant manufacture which are out of scope of this investigation paper. Non-program development projects entail generation which is comprehensive at the conclusion of he cycle like building of a developing which is helpful only when it is comprehensive, vs . the program environment projects exactly where you can view the benefits incrementally like development of GUI, Backend databases and so forth. There is versatility of Instruments and solutions for program generation like waterfall, Agile and so forth. vs . the non-program projects which do not supply the versatility in resources and solutions of generation which are pre-decided and planned prior to execution and can rarely be altered in the course of he execution section of the venture.

 Prerequisites of implementing Agile

 In an agile environment some of the key conditions are:

  1. Accessibility of the prospects or a consultant. This is an result from the third value of the Agile Manifesto ( which emphasizes on buyer collaboration.
  2. In-balance of demands/scope in projects. If demands for the projects are not recognized or steady throughout the lifecycle of the venture then Agile ought to be implemented. This is mirrored in the 2nd Theory of Agile Alliance group ([seven].
  3. Job ought to have shorter time deliverables demands. This is propounded in the 3rd principle of the Agile Manifesto seven. The Functioning product or service ought to not choose additional than a pair of weeks to a pair of months.
  4. Availability of Company and technical employees to do the job with each other the Agile venture on a everyday basis. This is mirrored in the 4th principle of the Agile Manifesto7.
  5. Experience to Experience Conversation is chosen system of interaction as advocated by he 6th Theory of the Agile Manifesto7. This in transform means teams have to be co-located as opposed to virtual.
  6. Functioning product or service/program is to be taken as the measure of accomplishment as advised in the 8th Theory of the Agile Manifesto7.
  7. Groups are self-organizing and have maturity to provide finest architecture, demands and design. This si propounded by the 11th principle of Agile Manifesto7.

We have only mentioned some of the twelve ideas from the Agile Manifesto conveyed by Agile Alliance group as these are deemed to be generic and can be utilized to non-program development environment projects directly.

Positive aspects of Utilizing OpenAgile

 As an implementation of OpenAgile Methodology we have found he different positive aspects that can be outlined for businesses:

  1. Necessities can be altered routinely for projects exactly where the conclusion final result is speculative at the time of venture initiation, organizing or execution.
  2. Overall generation methodology is additional people today centric because the teams are self organizing and have additional empowerment than conventional venture administration processes.
  3. Items exactly where Consumers have very reduced time to marketplace are a finest in shape for OpenAgile methodology these types of as govt deadlines to comprehensive do the job and to meet up with judiciary judgments in he non-program development place.
  4. Owing to the Iterative nature of OpenAgile prospects can see the workproducts in increments. This raises buyer self-assurance and is great for business.
  5. Embracing alter becomes a aspect of the method as he Item Backlog / Benefit Drivers alter in the course of the different do the job cycles or sprints.
  6. Cross-purposeful group gives the skill for the business to interact with professionals from all fields in the course of the sprint or workcycle.



We now appear at the different roles and paths of provider which are expected by any Openagile implementation.

Group Member – Performs do the job and results in value for stakeholders.

Paths of Services:

Growth Facilitator – Group member who professionals record of value motorists. This purpose in Openagile maps to Item Proprietor purpose who owns the Item backlog in Agile environment.

Process Facilitator – Group member who facilitates the application of OpenAgile procedures.This purpose in Openagile maps to Scrummaster purpose in Agile. Refer to my report or service-owner-4770648.html on Value of Item Proprietor purpose

 Types of Jobs

When considering implementation of Openagile in the non-program environment we are conversing about the conventional producing sector exactly where projects are implemented. The conditions outlined as aspect of this investigation paper exclude sophisticated remarkably technical projects in industries like Rocket producing, Aerospace, Plant building, Oil Rigging to name a couple of. Having said that the implementation as we will see in a non-program venture can be taken as a scenario review to customise and use in these sophisticated industries as effectively. In scope for the proposed implementations of Open up Agile are Support features in an Facts Technology or Producing sector industries. Businesses in the providers sectors these types of as Motels, Banking, Hospitals exactly where there is a require for small venture imp,ementations can make the most of the OpenAgile methology as effectively.

 OpenAgile in Action – Case Review

Job Objective:

The venture was to transfer resources and supply value savings to the business primarily based on permissibility of countries tax rules.

Job positive aspects:

Movement of resources would direct to optimizing in one developing models.

Offer a value preserving of US$ one.5 million more than a period of 2 years.

Job Scope:

The venture included motion of 250 resources from one developing spot to one more primarily based on permissibility of countries tax rules.


  • The entire scope of the venture for number of resources was not recognized at the time of organizing and execution.
  • Recurrent modifications to scope primarily based on feasibility to transfer resources by tax authority approvals.
  • Co-spot of Group customers.
  • IT-Infrastructure dependencies not recognized.


The venture inner stakeholders from section heads to group customers impacted as aspect of the motion. IT-Infrastructure group Exterior stakeholders included the tax authorities.


The Non-program development venture included different Non-IT features to kind cross-purposeful teams and was correctly implemented applying OpenAgile methodology.


The Situation depicted in this report for a program company is fictitious and hypothetical and has no resemblance to any business or situation in existence by any means. Writer does not choose duty if you use these methods and are unsuccessful. Please use your own discretion prior to applying in your current situation.

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By Puneet Mathur