Do-Coop Systems Ltd. is a personal organization primarily based in Israel. Its primal target is to establish and commercialize novel h2o-primarily based products using Nanotechnology for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Do-Coop has created a patented Nanotechnology to modify the homes of h2o, using nanoparticles, enabling the 1st ever introduction of h2o-primarily based biomaterials.
Do-Coop has recently began commercialization of its 1st line of merchandise, branded as Neowater ,concentrating on the molecular diagnostics and study market in just the Daily life Sciences business. The organization is now offering a new solubilization company for Pharma and Biotech providers, in buy to boost bioavailability and solubility of existing and new medicines.
A new solubilization company, provided by Neowater, is a h2o-primarily based nanotechnology, which has substantial benefit-extra in drug-delivery programs applications because of to enhanced steadiness of compounds solvated by Neowater. Breakthrough nanotechnology, created in Israel, modifies the actual physical homes of h2o molecules: each individual nanoparticle organizes the h2o molecules surrounding it.

Shoppers of Neowater receive a sterile, sealed vial with a optimum effective concentration, with Neowater replacing its organic solvents.solubilization company maintains energetic compound steadiness and improves bioavailability a top-quality actual physical environment established as a end result of this process can simply be built-in into previously existed or new medicines.

By Ofir Sahar