If you have Microsoft Dynamics GP, or how it was recognised in the past – Great Plains Dynamics, carried out as your Company ERP method and wondering about the future stage – ecommerce integration, this tiny publication is for you.  In our paper we favor the strategy, wherever you do not have to trash your current, typically programmed in-property, ecommerce world-wide-web software , such as searching cart, acquired on ecommerce plug-ins application marketplace (Magento/PHP/MySQL, ASP.Web Storefront or equivalent) and carry out just relationship involving the external world-wide-web software and searching cart and Microsoft Dynamics GP.  We’ll check out to stability in remaining reasonably technological in terminology, wherever on the other hand this paper need to be readable for managerial staff.  Let’s go on to the paragraphs:

1. Ecommerce searching cart picture in Great Plains.  The most pure and adaptable way is to change searching cart into Sales Get Processing Get or Bill with Consumer deposit (in particular in Company-to-Consumer/B2C circumstance).  SOP transaction in Great Plains has all the needed data about the consumer, default warehouse, taxes, shipping and billing addresses, product sales man or woman, trade discount, shipping strategy, payment term, and many others. on the doc header amount.  And you can have endless range of Sales Things (doc lines) with Product Amount, Description, Value (with incredibly adaptable pricing engine, wherever price may be associated even with particular person consumer, when you are offering in B2B model).  In some, but relatively unusual scenarios, you might make a decision that you do not treatment about stock goods, and all you need to have is to develop flat doc, wherever all the description is in one line and in one history (in particular when you are offering provider and itemization is not needed), you might think about to send out searching cart (or better to say incredibly primitive version of the cart) to GP RM Bill.  And in genuinely exotic scenarios (when ecommerce integration programming was performed at the very least five or far more years in the past) you may be sending searching cart into Great Plains Invoicing module transaction (historically GP had cheaper scaled down Invoicing module and “luxurious” Sales Get Processing module, wherever you have such further operation as Estimate, Sales Get, Bill, Return, Achievement Get, Again Get, and Invoicing module has just Bill).  We do not advise Invoicing module as searching cart target, as it is not covered in Dynamics GP SDK – eConnect

two. Integration Implementation.  You do not even have to do custom programming in most of the scenarios, as we advise Alba Spectrum eCommerce Integration module, wherever the integration could be set up in wizard pushed manner.  The module is open for custom programming, which could be performed in Microsoft Visible Studio.Web C#, VB wherever you contain eConnect libraries.  Also, in some scenarios you might make a decision to do immediate SQL update or insert statements (if needed packed into SQL saved treatments) – this strategy is only proposed for innovative SQL programmers, familiar and knowledgeable in working with Dynamics GP tables construction and info flow (for the rest of us, let us adhere to eConnect, wherever info integrity could not be compromised).  Couple of comments about ecommerce integration module.  It is productive and almost certainly needed when you need to have authentic-time (instantaneously) or quasi authentic-time (every 10 minutes or maybe every hour) searching cart go to Great Plains.  If your predicament is tolerant to the integration time lag (let us say – you are Ok to do overnight integration or you might make a decision to have one unique GP consumer to set off integration at the close of the change), we advise you to think about far more spending budget welcoming approaches, retain reading…

3. Quasi authentic-time and scheduled integration.  Even huge firms, even members of Fortune five hundred could have ecommerce phrases, wherever you can go through that purchase fulfillment and shipping is performed on the future business enterprise day.  If this is wonderful with your guidelines and policies, then think about Dynamics GP Integration Supervisor SOP Transaction integration setup (if you have huge scale of ecommerce searching carts integration activity, we advise you eConnect IM connectors, they need to be more rapidly, evaluating to traditional OLE Server technologies).  Most of Dynamics GP/Great Plains consultants are familiar with Integration Supervisor and know how to setup integration from textual content information (CSV or Tab delimited) to SOP Entry.  However IM is not restricted to textual content information only.  If your ecommerce searching cart is resigned in ODBC compliant database (Oracle, MySQL, Ingress, DBII, MS Entry, Btrieve/Pervasive SQL, Ctree, MS SQL Server, XML. Excel, FoxPro, Borland Paradox, and many others.) – you can pull it from their specifically to GP through Integration Supervisor integration primarily based on Highly developed ODBC query

four. Microsoft Dexterity (previously recognised as Great Plains Dexterity) programming in ecommerce environment.  Dexterity may be picked as application growth instrument, when you would like your integration to be known as from the monitor, offered to the consumer through Dynamics GP consumer interface.  Dex is genuinely almighty and you can do magic with Great Plains consumer workstation and GP database, nonetheless there is the expense.  Dexterity is semi-proprietary instrument and it is not possible for generic programmer to turn about and get started coding in Dexterity overnight, in excess of weekend, in excess of month…

5. Modifier with VBA.  We know the scenarios, wherever Great Plains consumer had ecommerce integration carried out in VBA scripting, known as from Modifier fields.  This was kind of normal in older Great Plains versions, such as seven., six., 5.5, 5., four..  In VBA scripts you need to be in a position to deploy pre.Web constructions, such as ADO (not ADO.Web, remember to be conscious that Modifier with VBA are not appropriate with Microsoft .Web systems).  VBA scripting is almost certainly a lot easier, evaluating to Great Plains Dexterity, ADO is a little bit very low amount DB obtain and manipulation technologies, but it need to do the task, in particular for aged versions, wherever you ended up on Pervasive SQL 2000/Btrieve or Ctree DB platforms

six. Conditions to launch Dynamics GP ecommerce integration job.  In the ideal circumstance, you need to be on the current Dynamics GP version (it is 2010/11. as we publish these lines in November 2010, or at the very least version ten.).  If you are on older version: 9., 8., seven.5 (and before), we do not advise you to do custom programming, the only proposed strategy is Integration Supervisor (with textual content file or Highly developed ODBC).  Please, observe that ecommerce integration ordinarily needs far more time and dollar expense, evaluating to bringing you to the current version of Microsoft Dynamics GP

seven. Ecommerce B2B vs . B2C eventualities.  Business-to-Company needs far more custom options, in particular consumer identify connected price listing, at the very same time it is far more tolerant to such necessities as barcode scanning (it is Ok to enter consumer purchase by mobile phone, keying in the purchase lines in Dynamics GP SOP transaction monitor).  B2C eventualities involve far more POS options, such as coupon codes, product sales advertising campaigns, credit score card primarily based prepayments.  Our editor tells us that we are at the place to wrap up our publication

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By Andrew Karasev