Cloud Based Enterprise Content Management Resolution

Taking care of articles correctly has grow to be an indispensible aspect of working an productive organization. Significant growth in electronic articles necessitates a refined Enterprise Content Management (ECM) resolution that aids corporations manage and retailer this articles. Common ECM answers consist of a entrance conclude ECM application as a result of which people entry the paperwork and a back again conclude articles repository to retailer the articles and its metadata. This design and style, which is composed of two different elements linked by a networking infrastructure in involving, adds sizeable complexity. These a conventional ECM program has been pricey to license and high priced to scale out and handle. This has been 1 of the important factors in decreased adoption of ECMs. ParaScale and Alfresco have partnered with each other to sort a cloud dependent integrated ECM resolution with the Alfresco Open up resource and ParaScale software collocated on the same hardware.

How it is effective

The ParaScale cloud storage platform is composed of several cooperating servers that tumble into two kinds of nodes – Just one or two Manage Nodes and Various Storage Nodes. A Manage Node is a devoted server in the storage cloud that maintains the configuration facts and namespaces inside of the cloud. Storage Nodes are actual physical machines that deliver cloud storage. They are centrally managed by the Manage Nodes and each and every Storage Node has entry to the entire storage inside of the cloud. To understand far more remember to check out the cloud storage architecture section of the ParaScale website.

The two the ParaScale and Alfresco software run on the same piece of hardware and do not require customized kernels. Each and every Storage Node inside of the ParaScale platform has entry to the entire world-wide namespace. The Alfresco software can be put in on any or all of the Storage Nodes inside of the cloud. It communicates specifically with the Storage Node and has entry to the entire storage inside of the cloud. 

Positive aspects of the ParaScale Storage Cloud

  • Consolidated Components – ParaScale and Alfresco run on the same parts of hardware.
  • Eliminate Networking – Not getting to preserve the entire switching infrastructure.
  • Improved Effectiveness – Not getting bottlenecks in the knowledge route, and any node becoming ready to serve requests.
  • Effortless to Improve – Staying ready to start little and grow seamlessly as and when expected.
  • Effortless to handle – Having a single level of management for the entire ECM resolution
  • Trustworthiness applying replication – Guaranteeing included reliability applying policy dependent replication.

Remember to check out the ParaScale Partners section and obtain a white paper to improved understand the benefits.


Common ECM answers consist of the entrance-conclude application and back again-conclude articles repository working on different hardware. These answers are complicated to handle and hard to scale out thanks to bottlenecks in the architecture. ParaScale and Alfresco have partnered with each other to deliver to sector an integrated resolution in which the Alfresco ECM software runs on the ParaScale cloud platform alone, drastically improving upon manageability and general performance.

You can test out the blended ECM resolution by downloading a absolutely free 4 TB storage cloud from the ParaScale website and integrating the absolutely free thirty day Alfresco Enterprise trial software with the cloud. For far more facts on the comprehensive ECM resolution register at or be part of the Alfresco community at

By Parascale