When addressing the problem of man’s health and fitness, we must 1st determine the conceptual evolution of the term “health and fitness” over the previous 30 years. Man’s health and fitness is a synthesis of bodily, spiritual and social health and fitness, centered on preserving equilibrium with the ecosystem. This suggests that “health and fitness” is “harmonious interaction between man and character.”

Scientists say that man have to attain harmony with the bordering ecosystem. In this circumstance the key task lies in comprehending the extent to which character influences us specifically. We have to attain this comprehending, and then we can start off hunting for means to solve the current crisis.

According to A. L. Chizhevsky, prior to the twentieth century common harmony or humanity’s socio-natural evolution was ensured by the biosphere’s quantum-compensatory purpose. This suggests that in the modern age the head of each individual particular person have to become biospherical with humanity’s aggregate head. Just about every particular person have to just take on the duty for the world’s harmony. In the words of V. I. Vernadsky and V. P. Kaznachev, humanity as a “monolith of clever living substance” immersed in the “monolith of the biosphere’s living substance” have to adopt the biosphere’s harmonizing purpose. The aggregate human head can harmonize the socio-natural evolution, which employs the biosphere’s and the earth’s homeostatic mechanisms. Dr. M. Laitman points out that we can reach these an aggregate head only by earning the science of Kabbalah our foundation for even more growth.

The problem is that this historical knowledge has constantly been concealed. Kabbalists concealed it for millennia, waiting around for a time when people would produce a true need for it. This time has arrived, as evidenced by the actuality that people are commencing to notice how fallacious and unsuccessful human growth has been. The medicine for the evil that is staying uncovered have to be powerful, and it can be only the method of the science of Kabbalah.

Subconsciously, humanity is seeking for a sensation of harmony and unity. This harmony and unity is specifically what character beckons us to attain.

By Mike Choeen